If you’re considering plastic surgery, but you have lots of questions, you’re definitely not alone! Learn all you need to know about affording plastic surgery.

plastic surgery cosmetic faceliftWill My Insurance Cover My Plastic Surgery?

Many plastic surgery procedures are covered by insurance. Typically, procedures that can be deemed a medical necessity are the most likely to quality for insurance assistance.

Purely cosmetic procedures are far less likely to be covered by insurance. Remember that insurance is designed to help provide affordable medical care, which does not include aesthetic alterations.

Are There Other Financing Options?

Some doctors accept credit cards as payment for plastic surgery. CareCredit is a well-established credit card and loan company that works specifically in the realm of financing medical procedures and surgery. Talk to your plastic surgeon to see if this is a financing option for your surgery.

How Much Do My Procedures Cost?

The price of plastic surgery procedures vary greatly. Talk to your plastic surgeon of choice about the pricing for each option you’re interested in.

Make sure that you know the entire cost of your surgery before you begin. This will prevent you from being unpleasantly surprised when the bill comes.

Are Any Discounts Available?

Surgeons will often offer special discounts or coupons for new or frequent clients. Sometimes cash discounts are available as well.

Choosing Quality For Your Surgery

While money is certainly going to be a factor, this shouldn’t be the main consideration in choosing a plastic surgeon. Choosing a professional, reputable company like Plastic Surgery Specialists will help you avoid the unhappiness of unsatisfying procedure results.

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