Is Your Teen Struggling With Acne? We Offer Acne Treatment For Teens In Maryland

If your teen is struggling with the scourge of acne, you’ve probably tried more than one remedy only to find those remedies lacking. Some people just let the problem of acne run its course, but this is a bad idea as it can lead to scarring. Our skin care experts have acne treatment for teens in Maryland that work. Moreover, we’ll work with the teen and his or her family to make sure the treatments are long-lasting.

Acne and Acne Treatment For Teens In Maryland

Acne Treatment For Teens In MarylandWhen a boy or girl undergoes puberty, their skin starts producing excess sebum, a solution of oil and fats. At the same time they start to shed skin cells at a rapid rate, and this leads to clogged pores and follicles. These clogs, full of sebum and debris, are perfect for bacteria, especially a bacterium whose very name is Propionibacterium acnis. The result is a pimple.

The first step in acne treatment for teens in Maryland is a consultation. The skin care expert checks the patient’s skin to grade the severity of the acne and to see what type of acne they have. There are several types that may need different treatment. Types of acne include:


These small, closed pimples are white because of the clog of dead skin cells and sebum.


When the skin over the bump becomes opened, a blackhead forms. The black color comes from the debris inside the follicle that has been oxidized.


Papules occur when an inflammation has occurred in the follicle. They are also small, but swollen, red and free of pus.


Pustles, as their name suggests, do contain pus. They are also inflamed, and it may hurt to touch them. Teenagers are often tempted to burst pustules, but should not. Bursting them may lead to scarring.

There are also severe kinds of acne where the pimples erupt into nodules and cysts. This type of acne can last for months and indicate an infection deep in the skin and more intense acne treatment for teens in Maryland. Teens who are plagued by severe acne or have more than the usual amount of “regular” acne are the ones who should seek out a esthetician.

Types of Acne Treatment For Teens In Maryland

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