Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that does not require plastic surgery. That’s because it’s nearly unbeatable as a treatment for fine lines, furrows and wrinkles. The results can be seen soon after the treatment and offer lasting visibility. Moreover, a client can return for touch-ups as needed. Plastic Surgery Specialists is pleased to offer Botox treatment to clients at our Annapolis location, as well as our satellite offices around Maryland.

How Does Botox Treatment Work?

Botox is different from other wrinkle reducing treatments in that it is not a dermal filler. When a client comes into our office for a treatment, our trained treatment professional makes a direct injection into a wrinkle, furrow or frown line. As a result of this, the muscle beneath it is temporarily paralyzed. The affected area begins to smooth out and can stay that way for up to four months.

The Benefits of Botox

The benefits of Botox are so numerous that injections are now the most widely used kind of nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. In 2016, 7,056,255 Botox treatments were performed in the United States alone, up 4 percent from 2015.

When used cosmetically, Botox is an excellent treatment to soften the look of lines, wrinkles and furrows. It is officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat frown lines and crow’s feet, though it is used to treat lines that appear on other parts of the face and neck. These treatments are long-lasting, but clients can return to their esthetician’s office for touch-ups. During a session, a doctor or esthetician injects the botulinin toxin into the problem area. The needle is very fine and most clients don’t need a topical anesthetic.

Botox is safe when injected by our professionals who understand the location and functions of the muscles in the face and neck.

Botox treatments performed in the United States


In 2016, 7,056,255 Botox treatments were performed in the United States alone, up 4 percent from 2015.

What Happens During the Botox Treatment Procedure?

What Are the Benefits of Botox Treatment?After a client is determined to be a good candidate for treatment, our medical specialist makes an injection into the muscles that produce the wrinkles. The needle is so fine that most clients don’t even need anesthesia. The number of injections that the client receives will depend on size and extent of the affected area. Different wrinkles may need a different number of injections. The typical session usually doesn’t last more than 20 minutes.

Unlike plastic surgery, there’s no downtime and the client can go back to work or return home soon after the session. After the procedure, our clients usually rest for a few minutes with an ice pack. It is best to avoid exercise or any strenuous activity for several days following the treatment. It is important for clients to understand that they should not to rub the treatment areas because that can cause the Botox to migrate to places where it is not needed.

Plastic Surgery Specialists - Maryland Cosmetic SurgeonsBOTOX Annapolis: Residents local to Annapolis and the region who are interested in Botox can call to set up an consultation and speak with one of our treatment professionals. Our main office is located in Annapolis, Maryland, and convenient satellite offices in Prince Frederick and Easton are also available. Call us at (866) 540-3911 to set up your consultation. Plastic Surgery Specialists offers the most comprehensive plastic surgery and Medispa services available in Annapolis and the surrounding region. Don’t wait any longer to get the look you want.

Understanding Pricing When Considering Botox Benefits

Most patients are calling around to get the best price without knowing exactly what they are getting. Botox Cosmetic is supplied to your practitioner in an undiluted state. The practitioner must dilute for preparation prior to treatment. The amount of dilatants determines the units provided to each patient. It is important to know how many units your provider is using for your treatment and the cost of each unit.