Do you wish your skin was clearer and smoother? Whether you’ve always had moles or lesions, or if they’ve recently appeared, these imperfections can cause you to be extremely self-conscious. Now is the right time to restore your self-confidence… with the right plastic surgery treatment.

What Are the Skin Conditions that Cause Trouble?

Cosmetic Mole Removal


Cosmetic Mole Removal


Cosmetic Mole Removal


Cosmetic Mole Removal


Should I Be Worried About Cancer?

Moles or cysts could actually be signs of skin cancer, which means that they could metastasize and spread to other areas of the body. If they’ve appeared recently, skin growths could be a definite cause for concern. Some moles are classified as “pre-cancerous,” which means that they should be removed before they become a bigger problem.

Mole, Lesion, & Birthmark Removal by Plastic Surgery Specialists

Cosmetic Mole Removal, Lesion & Birthmark RemovalPlastic Surgery Specialists perform direct excision removals and occasionally a shave. The method of removal will be determined by the doctor upon review of the mole or lesion. PSS does not freeze or burn any skin blemishes off. In the interest of our patient’s safety, any mole, lesion or birthmark removed must be done in a fashion in which it can be sent off to a lab for evaluation if necessary. This is to ensure anything pre-cancerous can be properly evaluated.

Direct excision of moles or lesions involves cutting out the blemish & surrounding area and closing the resulting defect with carefully placed stitches. If the mole is raised, it can sometimes be shaved down resulting in the area scabbing over and healing.

Each surgery varies in terms of how long the procedure takes, and the length of recovery. Most people recover from these kinds of procedures in just a few days.

Better Skin, Happier You

Cosmetic surgery is a remedy for both kinds of skin blemishes: cancerous and non-cancerous. Usually, surgery can remove the blemish without leaving behind a visible scar. It takes expertise and knowledge to perform a mole removal that hides or minimizes a scar, so be sure to find a high-quality reputable plastic surgeon.

Some people refuse to wear shorts or short-sleeved shirts just because they feel self-conscious about the appearance of their skin. If you have marks on your skin, you’re probably work hard to cover them up. But you can regain self-confidence and feel better about your body with the right course of plastic surgery.