Annapolis Ear Surgery

Ear SurgeryEffective for teens and adults, ear surgery or ear pinning (otoplasty) sets prominent ears back closer to the head to reduce their apparent size. Cosmetic ear surgery in Annapolis can also correct less-defined ear folds and contours, giving the ear a more proportional shape and size so that it complements your other features well.

There are generally no additional risks associated with ear surgery. For a complete consultation to discuss your ear surgery options, contact any of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Ear Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland

The surgery generally takes about 1 to 2 hours, and can be performed in our ambulatory surgical center.

With one of the more common techniques, the surgeon will make a small incision on the back of the ear to expose the ear cartilage. The cartilage is then sculpted and bent back towards the head. Stitches may be used to help maintain the new shape. Occasionally, the surgeon will remove a larger piece of cartilage to provide a more natural-looking fold when the surgery is complete.

In most cases, ear surgery will leave a faint scar in the back of the ear that will fade with time and not be noticeable.

Ear Surgery Recovery and Results

Patients are usually up and around within a few hours of surgery. Each patient’s head will be wrapped in a bandage immediately following surgery to promote the best molding and healing. There is minimal post-operative pain which is easily controlled by prescription medication.

Most patients, both young and old, will be thrilled with the results of ear surgery. Keep in mind that the goal of cosmetic ear surgery is improvement, not perfection. Also, patients should not expect both ears to match perfectly; perfect symmetry is both unlikely and unnatural in ears.

If you have discussed the procedure and your expectations with the surgeon, chances are you will be quite pleased with the results.

Ear Surgery Insurance Considerations

Some insurance carriers will cover ear surgery for functional reasons. Check with your insurance carrier to see if your plan covers this procedure. If ear surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons, it will not be covered by medical insurance. The patient is therefore responsible for payment of the surgical and related costs.