Many of our patients worry that they can’t reduce unsightly scars without undergoing surgery. We at PSS are pleased to tell them that they don’t need surgery or even a minimally invasive treatment to effect scar and removal.

There are now products available that remove scars without scalpels, needles or lasers. One of them is the Silagen scar refinement system.

What is a Scar?

Scar Removal will beautifully refine your skin

Scars may be unsightly, but they are signs that nature has healed a wound. Indeed, scar formation is actually more orderly than the formation of regular skin. Scars and uninjured skin are made of the same type of protein. In normal skin the protein is laid down in a somewhat haphazard way that comes to resemble a basketweave pattern. In a scar, the protein molecules link together, are laid down in one direction and build up. The build-up of this protein, which is a form of collagen, is accelerated when the scar is dried out and collagen collects to protect the skin. What’s problematic about this is that scars do not hold moisture as well as undamaged skin.

Scar Removal Made Easy

Silagen lessens the appearance of scars and causes them to fade by using silicone gel to help the scar hold in water. This tells the body to stop producing the collagen that builds the scar up and makes it unattractive. After two or three months, the amount of collagen returns to normal.

There are three silicone products offered by Silagen. One is a gel that’s impregnated with zinc oxide, which is known for its use as a sunscreen. One of the problems with scars is that they are more susceptible to damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. For instance, if sunlight darkens a scar, the scar stays dark and won’t return to the person’s normal color like regular skin. When sunscreen is added to the gel, the moisture is not only locked in but the scar is protected from the UV light. This product is good not only for facial scars but on scars found on exposed parts of the body like the hands, neck and arms.

Silagen also offers 15 or 30 gram size bottles of medical grade gel and sheets of gel that are available in a dozen shapes and sizes. Some sheets have clear backings while the backings of others are beige. These sheets can also be cleaned off and reused.

The Silagen Scar Removal System Works on Various Types of Scars

The Silagen scar removal system is good for keloids and scars caused by injuries, lasers or surgery. It is also good for hypertrophic scars, which are scars that have a build-up of collagen but aren’t as large as keloids. These types of scars may fade in time, but the scar removal system helps them along.

Some of our patients get good results when only one product is used. Others do best when the products are combined. Our experts work with the patients to see what’s best for them. Since Silagen is one of our MediSpa services, it can be done at our Annapolis or our Easton offices.

Though Silagen’s products aren’t sold directly to consumers, our skin care experts are experienced in using them to help our patients.

Need Scar Removal? Call Our Professionals at PSS

If you have an unsightly scar, call to set up a consultation with one of our dermatologists at our main office in Annapolis or our satellite offices in Easton or Prince Frederick. Our number here is 866-540-3911. Let us help you be your most beautiful you!