How Long Does Botox Last?

She wants to know how long does botox last before having it done.

Botox injections are far and away the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment in the United States, but how long does botox last? Made from the Botulinum toxin A, it is used to reduce the look of lines, wrinkles, and frown lines. It is injected beneath the skin with such fine needles that many of our patients don’t need a topical anesthetic. However, we provide one if they have sensitive skin or are a bit nervous.

Botox treatments work because the toxin paralyzes the muscle beneath the wrinkle by interrupting the action of a neurotransmitter. When this happens, the wrinkle smoothes out.

Treatment usually takes no more than a half an hour depending on how much of the face is treated. Afterwards, our doctors give the patient an ice pack to soothe their face. Then they go home and continue with the rest of their day.

Results of Botox Treatments

Among the questions that our patients want to know is “How long does Botox last?” The overall improvement when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles can last as long as six months. It lasts three to four months for most patients. Many of our patients notice the results of the injections right away, even with the minimal redness and swelling at first. More good news about treatment is that our patients can return for touch-ups.

Several factors influence the question of “How long does Botox last?” First time patients might find that they need to come back for a touchup before three months is over. This is probably because their facial muscles aren’t used to the Botulinum toxin. Different patients also need different amounts or different strengths of the Botulinin toxin. Men, for example, need more of it than women, perhaps because they tend to have thicker skin. There are some people who are simply resistant to it.

The treatment might not last as long if it’s used to reduce fine lines around the eyes, and some wrinkles may need more than one injection before they smooth out. Our doctors work closely with a patient who is anxious about how long does Botox last and customize the treatment that works best for them.

Another good thing about the injections is that if the patient comes in for touch-ups fairly regularly, the wrinkles actually grow less noticeable. This is because they don’t have a chance to get etched permanently into the skin.

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