Experiencing pregnancy and motherhood can bring three major things to a woman’s life – happiness, busyness, and changes in physical appearance. One highly dreaded change is the transition from perky breasts to “mom boobs”. As the name suggests, “mom boobs” is a term coined to describe the soft, deflated look of breasts that occurs in the post-pregnancy and post-childbirth recovery period. Naturally, this leaves them avoiding swimsuits, low necklines, and so on.

How Do Pregnancy and Childbirth Change Your Breasts? Do you now have a case of the “mom boobs”?

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, makes some very crucial observations about the changes that occur because of pregnancy. Breasts enlarge during pregnancy and nursing, but they lose their volume over time. This makes their skin looser and breasts smaller. Fortunately, mom boobs can be effectively fixed in order for moms to get a youthful, perky and healthy look.

Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery Options For Breast Implants

mom boobsEvery mother has different opinions and desires regarding breast implants. The “right” look depends on a woman’s body and what her preferences are. Implants work for any mother because they give breasts of all sizes a round, plump and projected look. Thanks to modern innovations, implants come in saline and silicone form.

There are a multitude of different factors that determine which type of implants will suit a woman the best. Some factors include:

  • number of pregnancies
  • breastfeeding habits
  • genetics
  • lifestyle

Each of these can determine the severity of the dreaded mom boobs.

Plastic surgery for breasts is an ideal solution for women who desire the look they had prior to childbirth and breastfeeding. In some cases, plastic surgery procedures are combined with breast lift and skin tightening procedures. This gives women the supple, firm look they desire.

Defeat Your “Mom Bod” Look With Post-Pregnancy Implants

To become the best possible you, explore the beneficial services offered by plastic surgery. You can boost your self-esteem along with your looks with this form of personal enhancement. If you’re interested in learning more about plastic surgery options that can get your pre-children body back, contact Plastic Surgery Specialists.

Looking to Get Your Full Pre-Pregnancy Body Back? Consider a Mommy Makeover.

The mommy makeover is for women who have areas of their bodies that have sagged and lost their suppleness due to the rigors of reproduction. It encompasses several cosmetic procedures, and because of this the woman should be sure that she’s finished her family before having one. In addition to a breast augmentation or breast lift, a mommy makeover can include the following treatments:


Liposuction is famously used to remove pockets of intractable fat from areas such as the thighs, buttocks, tummy and under the arms. The procedure has become more comfortable over the years, and our surgeons now use techniques that cut down on bruising and bleeding. The patient no longer needs to be placed under general anesthesia, which means that they retain their muscle tone during the operation. This also helps the surgeon as they work. Liposuction usually lasts between one and two hours.

Tummy Tuck

In this operation, also called abdominoplasty, excess fat, skin and tissue are removed from the abdomen, and the abdominal muscles are tightened. Depending on what type the patient has, the operation lasts from two to five hours. She’ll be provided a compression garment to wear for a time as she heals from the surgery.

A mommy makeover is something to consider for a woman who wants to get rid of the sagging and slackening and recover a more youthful and vital body form.