facial profileThe team at Plastic Surgery Specialists can help enhance your facial profile by reducing signs of aging and improving the balance of your facial features.

During a consultation at our office, your doctor will discuss your aesthetic goals and determine which plastic surgery techniques will help you achieve those goals.

Here are common procedures that Plastic Surgery Specialists uses to help patients improve their facial profile:

1. Chin Augmentation
A chin augmentation surgery can dramatically improve your profile by altering your facial shape. If you have a rounded face and neck, a chin implant can help you create a more angular face shape that improves the balance between your chin, nose and cheekbones. The cosmetic surgery team at Plastic Surgery Specialists will determine the appropriate size and shape implant to help you achieve the facial symmetry and bone structure you desire. Following a chin augmentation, return home with their chin protected to minimize swelling and discomfort. Sutures used will be removed in five to seven days. There is usually minimal post-operative pain that is easily controlled by medication, however results may vary. Patients will begin to notice a more natural-looking chin following the procedure. They will also see a more defined facial profile.

2. Facelift
Over time, gravity causes the skin around your cheeks, jaw, and neck to lose its elasticity and sag. Plastic surgeons can reduce these signs of aging by removing excess fat and tightening the skin around your neck and face. Within two to three weeks following your facelift, your face will have a more natural, youthful appearance. Following a facelift procedure, patients go home with their face protected. Most patients have minimal post-operative pain, which can be controlled by prescription medication, however pain thresholds vary in all patients. Some swelling and discoloration will appear but should subside within two to three weeks. Patients can return to full activities after a month’s time. The results you can expect from a facelift procedure are a more natural, younger and more rested-looking appearance, however all patients are different and results may vary.

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