Woman Who Received Lamprobe in Annapolis

Our specialists at PSS MediSpa are pleased to offer Lamprobe as a treatment for our patients in the Annapolis area. Lamprobe is a technology that uses radio frequency signals to treat several skin conditions. The frequencies are delivered via a probe. The heat produced by the probe pulls moisture to the surface of our client’s skin, which softens the appearance of the skin condition or removes it. Lamprobe is sought by both dermatologists and patients because it’s very precise and doesn’t damage the healthy skin close to the treatment area.

Besides being precise, the client doesn’t need anesthesia during the treatment, even if their skin is sensitive. There’s no recovery time, and they can return to their usual schedule right after the session, which only lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. They’ll be able to see improvement immediately. Improvements last anywhere from days to weeks, and clients are happily amazed to see Lamprobe before & after photos of themselves.

Skin Conditions Treated by Lamprobe

Our skin care experts treat a variety of conditions through Lamprobe in Annapolis. They include:


These are tiny varicose veins that appear as red or bluish tangles just beneath the skin. They’re often found in the face or the nose. Spider nevi are types of telangiectasia.


These are tiny white bumps beneath the skin.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are growths on the skin attached to tiny stalks. They are benign and painless, but they can be unsightly, especially if there are many of them. Sometimes, they become irritated from rubbing against the client’s clothing.

Cholesterol Deposits

Some people deposit excess cholesterol in their skin. These are called xanthomas. They are usually soft, flat and painless, but can be unsightly.


Fibromas are lesions made of fibrous or connective tissue. Some fibromas are soft while others are hard. One type of hard fibroma is a keloid, which is an overgrowth of scar tissue.

Cherry Angiomas

These are lesions that look like raised, red moles. They are red because they’re full of tiny, broken capillaries.

Dilated Capillaries

These are much like spider veins. The tiny blood vessels are opened up to the point where they can be seen under the skin. They are usually harmless but are unsightly.

For more information about Lamprobe, don’t hesitate to call for a skin care consultation at PSS MediSpa and to see the Lamprobe before & after photos of our clients. Our number is 410.841.5355.