Say hello to a healthier, younger-looking you.

As you age, it’s natural to notice changes in your skin. As natural as they may be, it’s also natural to wonder if there’s a way to look like you did before the changes. 

With the Tetra CO2 laser, there is.

For treating fine lines, acne scars, and other skin imperfections, laser skin resurfacing is one of the most effective solutions available. 

And Tetra is the leading provider of these solutions.

Using the latest technology, Tetra CO2 lasers are considered the best CO2 laser for transforming wrinkles, minimizing age spots, and toning your skin to unlock your youthful glow…

So you can look like yourself again.

Dramatic Effects In Less Time

In the past, laser skin resurfacing treatments that helped to alleviate blemishes and improve skin quality came with daunting recovery times.

Now, we are proud to be offering both the Tetra CO2 laser and the CoolPeel laser treatments to help you get the results you want – with less downtime. 

Whether you’re unhappy with newfound blemishes or long-time imperfections, the Tetra CO2 laser is designed to help.

They can be used for:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Smoothing skin texture
  • Reducing sun damage
  • Improving skin texture and skin tone
  • Minimizing age spots and scars 

Tetra CO2 laser uses heat energy to remove damaged layers of skin and trigger collagen production.

How These Lasers Unlock A More Youthful You

As a non-invasive, non-surgical option, the Tetra CO2 laser uses heat energy to remove damaged layers of skin and trigger collagen production. Increased collagen leads to improved skin texture, reduced fine lines, and a clearer skin complexion.

More than just heating up layers of skin, the Tetra CO2 laser offers medical providers more control over the laser’s power, density, and pulse durations, resulting in a treatment that fits with your goals – all with minimal downtime.

Choosing Between the Tetra CO2 Laser and Tetra CoolPeel

The Tetra’s unparalleled versatility lets us treat many skin issues ranging from delicate treatments to more serious resurfacing precisely and efficiently.

Depending on your skin’s condition and your goals, you may opt for the Tetra CO2 laser, while others may choose the Tetra CoolPeel.

Because the Tetra CO2 laser is a more intense treatment designed to take on your skin irregularities head-on, up to a week of downtime may be necessary as you recover. 

Don’t want to take time off? Read on to see how the CoolPeel allows you to get the skin resurfacing benefits without the downtime.


Tetra CoolPeel

Though based on the same technology of the Tetra CO2 laser, the Tetra CoolPeel is a module that delivers that energy in a more controlled way. Instead of targeting 100% of your skin in just one session, we treat a select portion of it, leaving untreated skin that helps to boost recovery for more rapid healing.

Through a series of treatments over a month apart, whole areas can be treated to help deliver similar skin-improving benefits without the recovery time.

Ideal uses for the Tetra CoolPeel laser include:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines
  • Minimizing sun damaging
  • Shrinking pores
  • Improving skin texture

The Tetra CoolPeel procedure can also be performed by our PA and trained RNs. 

With the regular application of laser energy to your skin, collagen production is simulated in multiple areas, leading to healthier, fuller skin and a younger-looking you.

Need a deeper skin resurfacing done? Are you able to take some time off? Read on to see the benefits of the Tetra CO2 laser. 


Tetra CO2 Laser

The Tetra CO2 laser is capable of performing more intense laser skin resurfacing treatments. Getting results this dramatic does require one of our physicians to perform the procedure and for anesthesia to be applied to the treated areas.

Ideal uses for the Tetra CO2 laser include:

  • Diminishing signs of aging
  • Reducing sun spots and uneven textures
  • Dramatically smoothing deep lines
  • Softening deep acne scars 

By removing the top layers of damaged skin tissue and stimulating the growth of healthy skin underneath, you’ll experience brighter, younger-looking skin in just weeks.

If you’re considering Tetra CoolPeel Laser Skin Resurfacing, your next step should be to schedule consultation!

Why Plastic Surgery Specialists Are Your Tetra CO2 Laser Specialists

The Tetra CO2 treatment is more than just a powerful tool that unlocks impressive results: it is a cutting edge ablative laser treatment.

An ablative laser is ideal for treating mild to moderate wrinkles, facial scarring and skin discoloration. Because this is a treatment that uses energy to penetrate through various layers of skin, your ideal provider isn’t just one who knows how to use the tool. 

More important is having board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Buhrer and Dr. Spittler by your side. They combine their technical mastery of the Tetra CO2 laser with decades of medical experience to deliver unparalleled outcomes. 

More important is having board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Buhrer, Dr. Howard, and Dr. Spittler by your side. They combine their technical mastery of the Tetra CO2 laser with decades of medical experience to deliver unparalleled outcomes. 

With your goals always guiding the process, our doctors will develop and lead you through your personalized treatment plan and comfortable procedure toward the optimal results you deserve.

What To Know About Your Treatment

How To Get Ready For Your Treatment

After you’ve consulted with your doctors about which Tetra treatment is ideal for you, there are a few notes to keep in mind leading up to your appointment:

  • For a minimum of 6 months prior to treatment, patients should be off Accutane
  • For 4-6 weeks before your treatment, avoid sun exposure
  • For at least 1 week leading up to your treatment, do not apply self-tanner
  • One week prior to treatment, discontinue the use of any products containing:
    • Retinol
    • Glycolic
    • Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids
    • Exfoliants
  • If prescribed, start antiviral medication 1 day before treatment and continue as directed.

How To Get Ready The Day Of Your Appointment

To make sure your procedure goes as smoothly as possible, please arrive at your appointment with clean skin.

For men, this means arriving without visible stubble. Please have a clean shaven face the night before or the morning of your procedure.

Before the procedure, we cleanse the areas to be treated with a topical anesthetic. This will set for 30-60 minutes before the area is cleansed again.

Also, we will begin taking pictures today to track your progress.


How Long Your Procedure Will Last

Tetra CoolPeel CO2 laser skin resurfacing can be done in as little as 10 minutes. 

The Tetra CO2 laser may take up to an hour.

This depends on a number of factors, including the size, location, and condition of the area. It also depends on the goals we have agreed upon for your treatment.


When To Expect Results

You will start to see results immediately as your skin heals.

In that recovery period, it will appear soft, bright, and even. Then in the three to six months that follow, the other, deeper layers of skin will also continue healing and filling in with collagen.

With proper care, these long-term improvements to your skin will last for years.