The right cosmetic surgery for your age range is important. Decie Which Procedure is right for you.

Getting plastic surgery is an important decision that can help you regain self-confidence. Choosing a procedure can be complicated, as all bodies are different. While the best thing to do is consult with a professional, there are some striking trends in cosmetic enhancement by age. These make for a handy guide that will prepare you for your big decision.

Cosmetic Enhancement Most Popular for Ages 35-50

When broken down into these age-brackets, the numbers look like this:

18 and under 1.0%
19-34 17.9%
35-50 41.6%
51-64 29.9%
65+ 9.7%


Not surprisingly, people between 35 and 50 are most likely to elect to undergo enhancement as the first signs of aging begin to show. Most people are still working into our fifties and sixties, and many of them are turning to plastic surgery to keep an energetic look and stay competitive.

The few procedures undertaken by those under the age of 18 are mostly intended to correct birth defects or traumatic injuries. What’s most interesting and useful, though, are the kinds of procedures that each age group tends to get.

What Procedures Are Popular for What Ages?


The body reaches full maturity at this time, and also begins to show the first signs of aging. This is reflected in the kinds of enhancement chosen here. For example, breast augmentation to correct asymmetry or increase volume is most popular in this group. Mirodermabrasion to remove acne scars and early crow’s feet is also a common choice.


Among the largest group of customers the so-called ‘mommy makeover’ is a popular choice. This package combines liposuction, a tummy tuck, and breast surgery to help rejuvenate the body after the stress of carrying a child. They also prefer to undergo Botox injections and skin resurfacing therapy to treat wrinkles and sun spots.


At this age, many clients are interested in toning up previous surgeries. Still more elect to have new procedures done. Especially popular here are facelifts, which improve the shape of the lower jaw and alleviate deep facial lines. There is also the less drastic brow lift, which improves forehead creases and minimizes frown lines.


Plastic surgery is rapidly becoming more popular for this age group, as procedures for mature Americans rose almost 80% from 2001 to 2011. The most popular region for these clients is the neck: a neck lift can help to remove band lines and excess skin and fat below the chin. This procedure is often combined with liposuction to tighten muscles.

Sometimes our bodies age faster than our minds. If you find yourself in this situation, whatever age your body happens to be, you can be sure that there’s a cosmetic procedure that will help you to restore the balance.