A common question among those considering the advantages of plastic surgery is what time of year is best to undergo a procedure.

Seasonal weather conditions can make certain times of the year better for concealing plastic surgery and aiding in the healing process.

For those who have never had any procedures performed, there can be concerns about how long the healing process takes or how noticeable the surgery will be immediately after the appointment. Of the four seasons, advantages of plastic surgery during the colder winter months are far greater than any other time of year.

Why Do Seasonal Conditions Matter When Planning Cosmetic Surgery?

The most obvious reason to take the time of year into account when planning a cosmetic surgery is the acceptable types of clothing for that season. Winter is the coldest time of year, so we can get away with wearing bulky clothes, like sweaters or turtlenecks, and wearing clothes in many layers. Layers are great for concealing and hiding swollen and bruised body parts while they heal.

Warmer months, during the summer, are typically the time of year when you want to show off your new looks. Having plastic surgery in the summer would mean that you’d need to wait until the next year to show off that new and improved body. There are very few advantages of plastic surgery performed in the summer.

Seasonal Advantages Of Plastic Surgery In Winter

Over the winter months, there are many advantages to having surgery. One of the best reasons is the number of scheduled holidays. November, December, and January have several scheduled holidays where it’s acceptable to miss work without anyone thinking twice about it. This is especially important if you’re having a procedure done to your face, like a rhinoplasty or an eyelid tuck, since it’s much harder to cover these areas with clothing.

Big sweaters, scarves, and jackets are great at hiding the side effects from breast augmentations, liposuction, or a tummy tuck. These procedures can result in swollen or bruised chests, stomachs, or thighs which can be easily camouflaged under bulky clothing when you have to go out in public. Also, winter usually keeps us indoors and out of the sun which is ideal to help tender skin heal faster.

Seasonal cosmetic surgery makes sense for many reasons, so be sure to plan accordingly. Advantages of plastic surgery scheduled for colder months far outnumber those for any other time of year. Professional and experienced plastic surgery and medical spa services received from a well-qualified provider are your best choice for personal enhancement. Why put off becoming the most beautiful possible version of ‘you’ any longer? Call Plastic Surgery Specialists for an appointment today!